The next “Shmoosic” video: Ghost

Currently I am Directing and shooting the next Shmoo music video (a “Shmoosic” video) Ghost. It will feature the new single by the band and host a veritable smorgasbord of talents from practical effects to full 3D immersive worlds. So far its been green screen and tracking points all the way, but in the next month we will be getting the final shots in place to start editing this monster together.

The track, ‘Ghost’ is from the long overdue album and will be released as a single later this year. It’s deep basses and the classic touch of the Newport vocals and Vocoder make it an instant hit. We have been working with the Great Richard McEvoy Crompton from Bolton University to fashion our suits, which look amazing, and there will be some additional SFX greatness later on… all I can say is, bar tending robot…. nuff said.

Have a listen to the current offerings from this amazing duo !