Recording Robert John

Recording with Robert John and the band for a 5.1 surround project. Close mics and the Soundfield SPS422B.An MSc project was in place for me and a team last November to seek out a band and record in a variety of different recording situations and to achieve one goal… A broadcast grade 5.1 surround studio recording and a 5.1 field recording. I thought the best option would be to combine these elements for a comparison and contrast. With the project being predominately audio, I decided that we would need to get a band that were tight and have something that would allow the project to shine, a little room to breath… An acoustic act I’ve always loved “Robert John featuring Kevin Morel & Sam Buckley.


The Full writeup and examples can be read and watched here. This achieved a ‘1st class’ distinction grade.

Digital Studio Production Recording Project PDF to view

A massive thankyou to the lads, it was a great day of recording. Make sure you all check out these guys live. Click here to get in touch with Robert John
Videos of the recording with the stereo Studio mix.