PowerCoaster G4

So a few weeks back, I spoke about the commitment to the longevity of equipment that is not yet dead, so why replace?

Take my friend, Matthew Adams, only recently has he finally given up on his PowerBook G4. Now this baby had seen some times and was battered, loved and pushed, but you know what… He recorded and produced some seminal work on that thing to the end… With 256mb of ram !

His works of ‘Julius Way’ makes deep textured guitar led tracks that are as detailed and inspiring as they are complex. After a chat with him about how and what he used for his project (stunned at his G4 still battling out), I feel sure there are people out there doing their thing to their own groove and not letting the tech (or lack of it) lead how they work. Not upgrading or buying constantly. Not waiting for that perfect mic or interface.

Now I tell you this because it goes straight back to my point. Updates and new stuff is good but it shouldn’t take away from your core goal, getting your project out there. Sure, new is awesome and old is sometimes the only option but workflow is what works best for you. On a side note, Matt is up-to-date and down with the kidz with his new mac book, oooo, but he recorded his last album (which you can hear here! He is also on Spotify now!)  on that baby.

But… there does come a time when that gear gets way, way to old. Like any ‘body’… After a while and a bit of hard life, the systems begin to fail until it’s done. Or is it?… I hate throwing stuff out, me and my buddy Neil were the vultures of Adelphi, collecting and hoarding lots of useful old crap that comes in handy… So when I see the beautiful PowerBook all dead, I thought, let’s see what I can do. It also allowed me to play with my new tools and mess about!

Why not make a “PowerCoaster” next time you have done all you can.