In January 2015 we finished the final pieces of the mini feature Unload. A story conveying the harsh reality that some people face with ongoing PTSD .

Synopsis: For years, Eddie’s life revolved around work, beer and kebabs. Then along came Jacqui. With Jacqui, he finally had a future.But when their daughter Alicia arrives, this future is threatened. She, and the face of a girl he never met, unearth the burden of his buried past. Can Jacqui reach Eddie before he is consumed by the trauma of his forgotten life? Unload is an intimate and compelling insight into the mind of a troubled man. Before he can look to his future, he must first deal with his past.

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I was Director of Photography, editor and Music composition for this film. After a month of filming with an all star cast and crew, it took 3 months to edit and finalize the piece before we had a cinema debut, one of the last to be held in Manchester’s iconic Corner House, to an audience of family, friends, professionals and veterans. The event was very successful with a variety of interest here and over seas in the USA. Since, our work has won several awards, been used in training to tackle the awareness and understanding of PTSD and has ongoing use in several campaigns across the globe to help people.

Here are examples of the music composed: