The Christie Cancer Trust’s Living With and Beyond Cancer

The Christie Cancer Trust’s Living With and Beyond Cancer film series was unveiled in July 2013. Working closely with ‘Into Productions’ and director Damian Cox, I was asked to compose for these compelling stories. The purpose of the documentaries is to provide advice and information to viewers about what they can expect once their treatment comes to an end. The films all follow former and current Christie patients and were designed to be peer-to-peer pieces, with the subjects sharing their own stories and anecdotes about life after cancer.

Those involved in making the films hope they will be a form of support for anyone else who completes their cancer treatment and is left wondering what comes next, and how (or if) their lives will ever return to normal. Although the three films follow Christie patients, they are designed to resonate with any person who has had cancer, no matter where they were treated.

Here are some of the works composed for the project.



      Good Times - Golf


Here are links to the finished films online. Living with and beyond cancer


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