Some Voices

Blackhand returned to the John Thaw Studio after their successful production of John Osborne’s kitchen sink classic, Look Back in Anger, last September. This time they bring a tough social drama from 1994, “SOME VOICES”. It tells the story of Ray, an enigmatic, wild-eyed schizophrenic patient who is released from psychiatric care to live with Pete, his overworked and overprotective brother. We follow Ray as he struggles to understand love, family, and ultimately, his placein the world. His grip on reality is tested when he meets and falls in love with Laura, a young pregnant woman who is trying to escape an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Dave. But soon Ray’s illness begins to reassert itself and he must fight to hold onto his new found happiness before it all unravels around him.

Ray (James Jowett)
Pete (Andrew Roberts-Palmer)
Laura (Charlotte Dalton)
Ives (Terry Naylor)
Writer: Joe Penhall
Director: Helen Parry
Review: Read here

Sound Design & Music Composed by: Ash Tidball

      Field Together

      Wasteland - Melody for a dying man