Shmoo – Ghost

It took almost 3 years, but now Ghost is available to watch and enjoy. This was one of the hardest and complicated shoot/edits I’ve set myself yet. The concept borrows from iconic looks and references many of the great sci-fi films of yester-year. I wanted this piece to have a feel that was slightly fantastical yet tactile, in the sense, I knew so much would be VFX (from the amazing James Russell) and imagery in the form of CGI, but I wanted the core elements like the people, and of course the band, to interact with each other and the practical elements of the set/ costumes. This world was helped with its design from the Newport Brothers (Shmoo) and a very clear plot outline we devised at the start. Our SFX guru, Rik McEvoy-Crompton, was back on the scene with his team designing the Light Jackets, Light Suits for extras and even our new buddy, Roy, the fully functional bartending robot!

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To launch the single and celebrate the video, We designed a 40 minute show featuring lights, video sync, robots, live music from the band, new unreleased tracks with their own music videos (to come later in the year) and even holograms! it was a show-fantastica!

You can watch the live stream here:

There is a selection of behind the scenes videos coming soon to show some of the amazing work. For now, Please watch the video and you can buy the single “Ghost” via iTunes or through