Affected by War: The People of Middlewich

A film directed and edited by Ash Tidball over the course of 2014.

In December 2013, we were asked by Anne Sherman (Arts Officer – Health & Older People – Cheshire East Council) and Kerry Fletcher (Heritage Development Officer – Middlewich Town Council) to produce a short film that would document the experiences of war amongst the people of Middlewich. We decided to frame the film as an exploration of how war has changed (or not) over the last 100 years. Marking the centenary of the first world war, it is a documentary talking to the people whose lives were touched and changed by it. We discover the normal lives of people with extraordinary tales from a northern town called Middlewich.

The film was funded by the Royal British Legion and was premiered In Middlewich in September 2014.

Presenter: Peter Carruthers
Director/Editor: Ash Tidball
Camera: Aaron Hussein
Sound: George Willis

Producers: Carruthers/ Tidball

Associate Producers:
Kerry Fletcher
Anne Sherman

Introducing the people of Middlewich.

A ‘Peter Carruthers Production’ in association with InnerDarkStudios