A Black Toffee/ SnapperPunchFish Production: FallOut is the story of Mike, a British Army veteran suffering with the psychological wounds of war. We follow a day in Mike’s life as he struggles to adjust and survive in an increasingly lonely and hostile civilian world.’

The film aims to increase awareness and empathy for people suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Written by: Peter Carruthers
Directed By: Dan Price
SoundScape Design: Ash Tidball
Edit: Price/Tidball/Carruthers

You can see more of the great work by Dan that I’ve been able to work on at his vimeo page. Vimeo/Filmdan.

Official Website http://www.falloutmovie.co.uk/


The film has already been used for training purposes all over the world. Here are some examples:

  • GP training – to increase understanding of PTSD and veterans issues
  • Training for REMPLOY staff all over the UK
  • Training for staff at Army Personnel Recovery Units (PRU’s)
  • Course material for undergraduate and masters students at Salford University
  • Staff training for NHS commissioned veterans services such as Live At Ease and MV IAPT (Military Veterans Improving Access to Pyschological Therapies)
  • Training of prison staff all over England by Veterans In Custody Support Officers
  • Training of staff at the Walter Reid National Military Medical Center in Washington DC
  • Training of Ugandan clinicians as part of Mental Health First Aid pilot with the Uganda People’s Defence Force.

It has also been screened at the following events:

  • ‘Beyond Fighting Fit’ national Veterans Mental Health conference, held at the Victory Services Club in London, attended by Veterans Minister Mark Francois and Health Minister Dan Poulter.
  • National Veterans Mental Health Conference, held at York University.
  • Ministerial conference on the ‘Rehabilitation of Veterans in the Criminal Justice System’, held at the Houses of Parliament to discuss government policy change.
  • Leeds International Film Festival 2013
  • GI Film Festival 2013 – Washington DC, where the film won the award for ‘Best Short Short’ (best short film under 20 mins)
  • ‘Battle for the Brain’ specially curated event at the Cork Film Festival 2013
  • Multinational Symposium on Veteran Transition – held at the Canadian High Commission in London.
  • Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival
  • The film was recently broadcast over several days on the Pentagon Channel, reaching a potential 30 million viewers. Further multiple broadcasts are planned for later this year.

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from people who have seen Fallout:

‘I watched the movie and found it extremely powerful. Congratulations.’ – Patrick Stewart (World famous actor and patron of veterans mental health charity ‘Combat Stress’)

‘I just want to talk about Peter’s film which is actually phenomenal; addressing PTSD and some of the other underlying issues that come with serving in the military and what happens afterwards. It is an extraordinary film in its ability to really capture the experiences, the thoughts and a lot of the visuals, particularly how the family doesn’t understand, and the impact on the family. I would say that anyone that has the courage to view the movie, if you’re suffering from PTSD, it does allow you in a way to release some of those suppressed emotions. It has helped me tremendously and I would recommend it for anyone who is ready to look at something that is so close emotionally to the
reality of living with PTSD.’  – Command Sergeant Major Michelle S. Jones (The first woman to reach the position of command sergeant major of the U.S. Army Reserve. Now serving as Special Assistant to the United States Secretary of Defense)