Dark Fables

“Dark Fables” A new series in production is a supernatural action adventure, based on the folklore, myths and legends of Britain. We follow the lives of two regular people as they deal with very irregular occurrences.

Working with a team of University staff and students from across two universities, the University of Salford and the University of Bolton, creators Richard McEvoy-Crompton and Andrew McConville, teamed up with Director Ash Tidball and Writer Keith Lewis to create a season pilot. This proof of concept will serve as a base for future episodes and had its Premiere at the wonderful HOME.

Before we got to this point, there has been almost 2 years of prep and organisation for this to come together. We want to take this further into a series for TV, so in October 2015 we started the campaign with a Teaser trailer and an IndieGoGo crowd funding project. The cast and crew have dedicate their time to support the project so far and with the little cash we got from the IndieGoGo, we put into some food, location and transport, not exactly glitz and glam but it helped us get the project filmed and produced. The next stage is to approach the distribution networks and pitch the pilot along with the story arc as a 6 episode British series.

To keep up-to-date with the project, visit us on social media or go to www.darkfables.co.uk


Teaser: The teaser was released along with the IndieGoGo back in November 2015.

Here is the Final result:

Also here is the Soundtrack: