Calavera Cafe – Come Home

A Calavera Cafe Production:
After returning from Afghanistan and spending time in a military prison, he sets off on a personal journey, a string of consciousness, as his thoughts and problems flow through him, he is desperately trying to find someone to talk to or connect with.

The film is currently being screened at festivals across the world, including:

Loch Ness Film Festival – Inverness
Buxton Film Festival – Commendation
Minghella Film Festival – Isle of Wight
Deep Fried Film Festival – Lanarkshire
Star and Shadow – Newcastle Upon Tyne
Saltaire Film Festival – Yorkshire
Goggleheads – Reading
The Cut – Birmingham
Warrington Film Festival
Waterford Ireland

Written and Directed by Will Herbert.
Location & Post Production Audio: Ash Tidball
Soundtrack Composition: Ash Tidball

Here are some examples of the soundtrack:

      Welcome Home

      Come Home Theme