Mic Reflector

The Mic Reflector/ Absorber/ Baffle… what ever you want to call it… its OVERPRICED. Yes, its functional and yes they can help with reflections and direction, but man, dropping £100 plus on one is only good if you got money to burn. I’ve made several of these in the past but recently had a quick flash of an idea for a small 15 minute project.

Now before you start… ok they are not beautiful, but like me, I find them to be rugged and functional. Great little ones to surround your condenser mic whilst recording brass or guitar, and if you use a double bracket like at Maplin (http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/metal-twin-microphone-bar-r60wd) you can place the mic cradle on the front one and the mic baffle on the rear!

So the stuff you need:

  • 1x Top hat of a 100 size CD spindle
  • 1x Mic clip
  • 1x Acoustic Foam 15″ x 15″
  • Strong glue
  • Tools.


  1. Cut the foam in half or so the microphone is covered by 4 inch above and below the capsual.
  2. Cut the spindle in half.
  3. Take the mic clip head off and use the base post. Keep the screw.
  4. Drill, countersink and smooth a hole for the mic post to seat into.
  5. Bolt though the plastic and secure the mic post.
  6. File the edges of the CD spindle and make it pretty. I cut out the lid to give room for the mic.
  7. Glue your custom cut piece of foam to the spindle inside.
  8. Whack it on a mic stand. Boom! well, not a boom mic stand.

Now, if you wanna see what that looks like, here is a video I did made.