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Dr. Tid & The Triple Eights: the sound of the blues, of the bayou, of the dusty plain. It’s driving rhythms, catchy piano hooks and strong vocals, music that will have you uncontrollably tapping your toes. Born out of influences such as Dr. John, B.B. King, Delbert McClinton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen, this raw and rootsy American style actually comes to you from a British fourpiece based in Manchester.

Dr. Tid (Ash Tidball) and Owen Shave began the band in early 2008. The ‘sound’ would be developed over time as each of the members came into play, but one goal was always at the forefront ‐ to make music that would be set in the inspired roots of rhythm and blues.

At home on the piano as much as the guitar, Dr. Tid is the main composer. He creates a base for the tunes to develop, from here the band work out the arrangements together and fit the ideas to the band’s unique sound. Each member’s different influences, backgrounds, personal touches and styles shape the tracks even further. Complex rhythmic patterns are created from driving beats, with wailing harmonica and powerful, graceful guitar work. All of this is a testament to their diversity as a band.

The collaboration does not stop with the performance and arrangements. On the engineering side, the members bring a mixed set of ideas and values. Insisting on mixing the old and the new, in sound and production techniques, creates a unique sound that is refreshing and ‘live’… This is Dr. Tid & The Triple Eights.

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