Concept Album: Walking The Border

I am always inspired by the media I consume… like a Pac-Man type guy munching on the small sugar pills of films, TV, games and interwebs. I have recently been working on developing a concept artwork that ties many inspirational aspects together.

As I’m composing or Directing, I sometimes get a flash of an idea that could work out into something. Although my note pad is full of crazy flash thoughts, I never get the chance to work them. I was going through some old notes and I hit across a hidden theme that was almost like seeing the Matrix code for the first time. I have been writing notes over the past few years that imply that a ‘Tracker’, ‘Loner’, ‘Mercenary’ and/ or general ‘Mad Max/ Walker Texas Ranger’ type character is doing a thing. Rescuing someone, building something or just killing off hordes of zombies. (zombies always feature in my dreams) This, entwined with TV shows and Xbox games, has lead me to compose a few tracks.

From here my concept is now in full swing. I hope to be working with digital artist John Joesph from Media City and I will be updating my SoundCloud with the latest works to keep you all posted. For now, please enjoy the two tracks already done and have a look at the album cover.