5.1 Vs SoundBar

A new year, a new assignment to be marked. As you may know, last November saw the undertaking of a research project into emerging technologies, #MScReT2013 has been the hash tag. Work with Paul Maddocks of 3khzStudio, kicked off with research into our question and pretty soon we started to run the test. Well the idea was this…  “5.1 Vs Sound Bar: a subjective evaluation of perceived audio differences.” One of the main brief outlines for the write up of the project was to make the whole write up like a paper or academic journal out in the real world. Hence the front page featured here… its not really endorsed by the AES… so please don’t go thinking it is. Although, after the presentation of the work to a flock of peers, it was mentioned if done right, it could be presented to the AES…? I don’t know about that, but if the assignment scores are good, you never know. 😉

So through out the winter I have been working from our collated data and getting my teeth into T-Tests (god shoot me) and a few other essentials (Harvard method… I’m a master now!). One thing I found really interesting is actually writing it like the standard of a journal, its different to most work I’ve ever done and seems a bit more palatable to compose, instead of the normal way to write up. I’m bet Paul has had enough of the texts asking random stuffs but i’m sure a celebratory Wagamamas in the next few weeks to say ‘its done’ will go down a treat.

Until the mark comes back and we are told what we can, or should do with the test and its results, I can’t let you see it, but rest assured once its done you shall all know which is better…. 5.1 or Sound Bar!


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